MPDS Compilation

Hey Fuckers!

I plan to do a Metal Punk Compilation in the beginning of 2013.
I thought about releasing it as a tape and it will be ALSO available for  FREE DOWNLOAD with the songs and the tape cover for D.I.Y.
I can't pay any band for that, nor sending millions of copies to the bands for free.
just thought about spreading the sound of METAL PUNK nowadays.
I won't make money out of this.
and i will sell the tapes for 1,00 EURO / tape. just to get back the price i paid for the tapes and cover and that shit.
if you are interested, send me a song and maybe some informations about the band + logo and band pic to:




The next release is already in the planning process.
It's a 3-way live split of IRON FIST, WHIPSTRIKER & ATOMIC ROAR.
Metal Punk straight up your ass.

It will be released in cooperation between