Upcuming Shit in 2013

Hey Maniax,

In the beginning of 2013...
there will be a lot of new releases through FUCK THE MAINSTREAM - WE ARE THE MAINSTREAM RECORDS.
Just take a look on the list below.

Trades / Wholesales are welcome as well.

1. METAL PUNK up your ass! vol. 1 + 2  

This is going to be the first series of a Metal Punk Compilation.
it will be released as on Tape, CD and it'll be also available for FREE DOWNLOAD.
Price: not more than 1,00 fukkin EURO (+ postage)
Check out http://www.metalpunkupyourass.blogspot.com to keep yourself up to date!

2. DISHUMANITY - Radijacija (tape) 

13 facecrushin Hardcore Punk Songs from this serbian Commando!
Check out this song and you'll know what i mean
Price: 3,00 EURO (+ postage)

3. SEPULCHRAL - s/t (tape) 

Expect 6 blackened ThrashPunk songs like this one:
Price: 3,00 EURO (+ postage)

4. IRON FIST / WHIPSTRIKER / ATOMIC ROAR - ... attack europe (tape) in association with MOTORPUNK RECORDS 

5 songs of each of the bands!
Total Metal Punk Madness!
Recorded during the "Metal Punk's not dead" Europe Tour!
Price: 3,00 EURO (+ postage)

5. BONEHUNTER - logo (woven patch)

Price: 2,50 EURO (+ postage)
6. ONLY TAPE IS REAL - woven patch
Price: 2,50 EURO (+ postage)


it's also planned to release the following stuff in 2013:

IRON FIST - We Are Motorpunks (LP)
WHIPSTRIKER - full-length (CD)
DRUNKEN BASTARD - "...of hellboozers and other stories" (TAPE)