There are a lot of good news!

1. FTMWATM Records will release a exclusive package of IRON CURTAIN.
It will include a "two-songs-tape" and a woven logo patch (pics soon)

2. The woven logo patches of EWIG FROST will be available soon!

3. The DISHUMANITY tape (Hardcore Punk from Serbia) is on it's way and will be ready to let your ears bleed.

4. Soon the Metalpunk Live Split (IRON FIST / WHIPSTRIKER / ATOMIC ROAR) will be available through FTMWATM Records.

5. The 3. part of the METAL PUNK UP YOUR ASS Compilation will be released in march/april this year
Keep your self up to date: metalpunkupyourass.blogspot.com

6. for all Outlaw Beer Drinkers a shirt will be released with the letters "DRINK BEER & DESTROY".
White FRUIT OF THE LOOM Shirt with a black front print.
pictures soon. and the best: it will cost just 6,00 EURO + postage
high quality shirts for a low price to safe more money for drinkin BEER!